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ICT design principles
 – for better clinical outcomes.

The delivery of health services 
in Australia and globally is now strongly supported by the use of ICT systems.

Technology enables both the clinical and business domains of healthcare, and there is now also an increasing call from health consumers to allow richer interaction with their clinical
 team through online channels enabled by technology.

However, in all of these developing areas the technical systems must remain as enablers and supporters of better clinical outcomes, and not become an end goal in their own right. To ensure that this balance is kept, it is important to be able to connect proposed technology solutions back to clinical, business or consumer needs, and to align with a benefits equation that leads to better and more efficient health outcomes.

In this paper, Cogility partner, Gil Carter describes 12 design principles to capture the approach and thinking on how to select and deliver a solid technical foundation, suitable for clinical and patient needs over time.

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