We help to understand the challenge, design the future state
and develop a plan to deliver it for the enterprise.

We help to understand the challenge, design the future state and develop a plan to deliver it for the enterprise.

Very often, the capabilities needed to successfully deliver a big change aren’t in the enterprise – and there is no option to mis-step on the transformation journey. It is exactly these conditions where Cogility proves our value.

We have worked in bold change programmes, new technology disruption, complex policy delivery and leading edge innovation. At every point, we bring a network of subject matter experts to provide trusted advice across the full strategic lifecycle.

Strategy development

Organisation strategy is a vital business tool and Cogility has extensive experience in developing strategies that are supported with executive input.

A good strategy can guide a difficult journey, outline a pragmatic path for delivery and results, and be a catalyst for organisational success.

Innovation, digital economy, sustainability

Expectations of better experience from customers, staff and executive are now a pervasive theme in business. However, quick fixes are rarely the right answer; rather a careful consideration of the intended results and the implications of the changes needed is central for successful innovation.

Whether making simple changes to deliver incremental improvements or considering a major new direction, Cogility has the skills and experience to help make the desirable into the deliverable.

Risk management

Management of enterprise-wide risk is a vital consideration during an enterprise transformation programme. Although risk management is a core board activity, the approach to evolving and managing the risk portfolio during major changes takes on additional complexity.

Cogility has worked extensively in this area, and can provide the right levels of support needed.

Transformation and delivery

Making transformational change work in a large complex organisation requires a sophisticated approach that couples skills development, planning, resourcing and cultural sensitivity in delivery.

Cogility has deep capabilities in these areas, and a strong track record in making transformation successful and sustainable.

Enterprise design

The design of a business is vital in allowing it to be successful. Enterprise design has often meant an emphasis on technical elements that result in diminished value.

Cogility puts business leadership in the driver’s seat to guide enterprise design, with technical elements involved as support. Cogility’s work across finance, regulatory and health shows the value from this approach.

Change portfolio, program and project management and assurance

The delivery of change programmes creates a major swell in the staffing needs during the programme, often requiring skills that aren’t in the business.

Cogility consultants have deep experience in the domains needed to support a large change programme, and our team is senior and highly capable.

Corporate and machinery of government change

Programmes to deliver organisational restructures in corporations or government are both common and complex. There are many considerations, from governance approaches to business processes and technical considerations, and all coupled with staffing impacts and expectations.

Cogility understands these challenges and works highly effectively to rapidly deliver the new “business as usual”.

Business process optimisation

Cogility utilises Celonis process mining technology to assist organisations to accelerate the identification and resolution of process bottlenecks, optimising automation and RPA, improving customer experience, streamlining processes prior to IT system migration and delivering faster outcomes in business transformations.

Cogility can assist you to reduce process friction in any or all of your end to end processes including procure to pay, order to cash, claims handling, master data workflows, meter to cash, warehousing process and in any industry.

Governance – Corporate, 
program, technology

The management of corporate change is made possible by good governance. Delivering good governance is complex and multi-faceted.

The unusual challenge of managing a phase of significant change to core business can require additional business support, and Cogility consultants have a strong record of using effective governance models to deliver transparency and executive confidence.