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Cogility welcomed its national consulting team and special guest speakers to the inaugural CoGenerate 2016 conference last week.

The successful event provided an opportunity for attendees and special guests to Learn, Think and Contribute to the company’s future growth plans.

The program featured a Leaders of Industry panel with prominent guest speakers covering key issues and opportunities across economic trends and reform, disruption and transformation, digital health, education, digital government, regulatory services and more.

CoGenerate provides a platform for people to brainstorm and share ideas about the innovative work they want to be involved in and the transformation they want to effect in the future. With a platform like CoGenerate where our people can contribute to the company’s strategy, Cogility can continue to build an environment where smart people are enabled to do great work.

Cogility Partner, Gil Carter, highlighted the significance of the event, “CoGenerate 2016 was highly valuable to Cogility. It allowed our great consulting team to collaborate and innovate for what is next to come. The conference will help to define our 2016/17 strategy and we intend to hold these annually”.

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