Our Associates

Our people bring commercial acumen and deep industry experience along with a pragmatic approach to consulting.  We understand that successful assignments are underpinned by genuine relationships between our consultants and our clients.

As individuals and as a group we are always client focussed and we conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism, authenticity, tenacity, diligence and objectivity.

Coming together to form the Cogility brand means our clients can benefit from the collective knowledge, experience and real-world insights from some of the brightest minds across the globe.

Cogility’s most senior and respected consultants represent Cogility as associates of the firm.

Stephen Wadesoncog_stephen_wadeson_212x211_circle

Steve is a principal consultant with over 30 year’s experience in delivering consulting services in complex and large-scale enterprise environments.

Judy Duduroviccog_judy_dudurovic_236x239_circle

Judy is a highly experienced management consultant and former senior executive in the Queensland Government. Judy has the ability to innovate and identify opportunities to improve efficiency, staff and customer satisfaction. Judy co-established the Australian Centre for Process Bionics (process mining) for Deloitte which involved a partnership with Celonis. She developed a world first PoC applying process mining to human services using the Celonis tool.